My second poetry book, The Girl Who Cried, is available from HappenStance. Find out more in this interview on Magpie Bridge.

My first full collection, Noir, is too.

Here’s a piece I wrote recently for The Friday Poem.

Poems have appeared in a range of magazines (The Rialto, The North, Smiths Knoll and Magma, among many others), online (for instance, in And Other Poems and The Friday Poem), and in various anthologies. My pamphlet, The Long Woman (Pighog Press), was shortlisted for the Michael Marks Award 2012.

An Arts Council award in 2014 helped me complete Noir.


I have an English degree from UCL, and an MA in Creative Writing and Personal Development from the University of Sussex.

I worked as an editor – including as Managing Editor of Which?, Editor of Health Which?, and Editor of Viva Lewes, among other roles – and I’m available as a freelance writer and editor.

I also convene The Understory Conversation. Am on the committee of the Needlewriters cooperative in Lewes. And write and co-edit Sphinx poetry pamphlet reviews

And I go walking.

This blog – my little corner – will, I hope, let me record and explore some things that interest me: around loneliness, resonance, and what is good writing?

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello! As I pulled off I heard your voice and knew instantly it was you but a quick check back as I was underway I saw your great short blonde hair and knew for certain.
    looked at the old list of parents and children’s contact details from reception year, yes I still have it, as I was going to text you but luckily there was only a landline number and as a result have discovered your brilliant website. some very beautiful images and thoughts. Kathie x

  2. Hi Charlotte, I don’t know whether you will remember this, but you wrote a truly wonderful review of my first pamphlet “Cursive” (Happenstance) for Sphinx, in 2015. However, though it was so very much appreciated by me at the time, I don’t think I ever thanked you! I am very belatedly doing so now, having just re-read it and felt touched… and just to let you know I’m very much looking forward to the arrival of your latest from Happenstance “The Girl Who Cried”, which I’ve just ordered. Best wishes, Vishvantara

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