The Girl Who Cried

TGWC coverThe Girl Who Cried, published in May 2020, is available from HappenStance, or from Amazon.

‘I found Gann’s poems breathtaking. There isn’t a single unnecessary word; every page is eloquent, shedding light into very dark corners. With clarity and restraint, she finds ways to wring surprises and new insights out of everyday suffering, so that to read these poems, far from inducing more misery, is liberating.’
Alex Josephy, reviewing the book for London Grip.

Jane Thomas wrote: ‘Each poem slips a pebble to the reader, some shiny, some rough but they make you feel lighter – the assurance of common human experience.’

And Matthew Stewart, on Rogue Strands: ‘The process of handing ourselves over to her work allows us to reflect on the nature of human experience and on poetry’s wide-ranging potential to express it.’